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Image for the guide 'Rims and Tyres Packages', helping you choose the right wheels and tires for your car.

If you're looking for an upgrade to your vehicle's appearance and performance, choosing the right set of rims and tires is essential. Alpha Tyres & Wheels in Kilsyth, we understand the difference that a well-chosen wheel and tire package can make. That's why we offer an extensive range of options to transform your daily driver, 4x4 beast, or sporty street machine.

The Wheel Deal

Choosing the perfect rims and tyres package involves several factors. We'll take into account the following:

  • Your Vehicle: What's your ride? The right choices will depend on its make, model, and your use case.
  • Style Preference: Are you after sleek alloys, rugged off-road rims, or a combination of both? Your aesthetic is important!
  • Driving Habits: Frequent off-roader, city cruiser, or a mix of both? This helps us determine the ideal tire type and best rim material.
  • Budget: We'll work with you to find a package that balances performance, looks, and value.
Image for the guide 'Rims and Tyres Packages', helping you choose the right wheels and tires for your car.

Buy Wheel & Tyre Packages Online

Save time and effort by browsing our extensive selection of rims and tyres online through our website. Filter by brands, size, and style to find your ideal look.

Wheels Catalogue

We carry a wide variety of rim styles and brands. Whether you need durable steel wheels for your work truck or flashy alloys to turn heads around town, we've got the perfect options to bring your wheel dreams to life.

Buy Wheel & Tyre Packages

Our wheel and tyre packages offer the ultimate convenience. With carefully selected compatible options, we eliminate the hassle of trying to match components yourself. We'll expertly mount and balance your new setup, getting you on the road faster.

Best Packages For Your Vehicle

Need a starting point? Browse our most popular packages across a range of vehicles, from hard-working Toyota Hiluxes to city-slicking SUVs. Let us curate the perfect look for your ride.

Questions? We've Got Answers!

We know that the world of rims and tires can be complex. Here are some common questions and answers to help you understand:

  • Can you put a different tire size on the same rim? There are limits to what's safe and compatible. Our experts can advise you on the range of tire sizes suitable for your existing rims.
  • Are alloy wheels easy to fit tyres on yourself? While possible, it requires specialized equipment and training. We recommend professional tire fitting for safety and to avoid damaging your new rims.
  • What is the difference between tyres and wheels? Tires are the rubber that makes contact with the road; wheels are the metal components tires mount onto.
  • Are wheels and tires the same? No, however, they are often purchased together as a complete package.
  • How long do wheels and tyres last? Tires typically last 3-5 years depending on mileage and driving style. High-quality wheels can last much longer, but can become damaged by rough roads or accidents.
  • Which alloy wheel has more advantage, 15' or 16 inches? Both have pros and cons. Larger wheels offer potential for larger brakes, but smaller wheels may be better for off-roading with more sidewall flex.
  • What are the benefits of alloy wheels? Weight savings, improved heat dissipation for better brake performance, and a wide range of styles are some of the main advantages.

Absolutely! Let's tackle the remaining queries in the context of Alpha Tyres & Wheels:

Can you put a 16 wheel on with 15 wheels? No, mismatched wheel sizes are unsafe. Wheel diameter differences can negatively affect handling and potentially damage your vehicle. Stick to a complete set of matching sized wheels.

Only tyre and wheel rim damaged, is claim payable? This depends on your insurance policy. If you have comprehensive coverage including collision or accidental damage, it may cover a damaged rim and tire. Contact your insurer for specifics.

Can a 165/65/R14 tyre be fitted on alloy wheels of size 14*6? It should be possible as long as the 6-inch rim width is within the tire's specification range. We can help you verify this!

Can I replace my R14 wheels/tyres with R13 wheels/tyres? Generally, downsizing is possible, but check your vehicle's brake clearance and overall tire diameter to maintain speedometer accuracy and safe handling. We can advise!

Are tubeless alloy different than regular alloy wheels? No, most alloy wheels are designed for tubeless tires (those without an inner tube). Older steel wheels may require inner tubes.

Are rims the same as wheels? Technically, the 'rim' is the outer edge where the tire bead sits, but people use the terms interchangeably. We understand what you mean, either way!

What weighs more, tire or rim? It depends! Heavy-duty tires with thick tread can outweigh some lightweight alloy wheels. We can look up weights for specific options.

Do tires come with rims? Not usually. Wheel and tire packages offer the convenience of purchasing them together.

Can any type of 14 tyres fit on any 14 rim? No. Besides the 14-inch diameter, the tire width needs to be compatible with the rim's width. We help ensure you get the right fit.

Are car wheels perfectly round? Very close, but not perfectly! Manufacturing tolerances allow for slight imperfections. Higher-quality wheels tend to be closer to perfectly round for a smoother ride.

How much does it cost to put tires on rims? Tire mounting costs vary based on tire size and complexity. we offer fair, competitive pricing – get a quote!

If you have 16' tires, can they be put on 17' rims? No. Tires are sized specifically for a corresponding rim diameter.

How much does it cost to switch rims on tires? This involves removing the tires from one set of rims, and mounting them onto another. Prices vary depending on tire/rim size.

What are the little squares inside a wheel? These are likely weights used to balance the wheel and tire assembly, ensuring they spin smoothly without vibration.

Can I replace 17-inch wheels with 18-inch? Potentially, but check brake clearance and tire diameter (you might need lower-profile tires). Let us guide you on what's safe!

How to store vehicle tires in the garage, with or without rims? Ideally, store them standing up or stacked. If on rims, slightly deflate, and lay them flat. Avoid hanging tires and keep them away from sunlight and chemicals.

What size rim do you need for 205 55r16? These tires require 16-inch diameter rims. The rim's width needs to fit within the tire's recommended range. We can confirm this!

An image of a tire and rim with the caption 'Find the perfect rims and tires for your vehicle with our comprehensive guide

  • Is it advisable to put an R15 tyre on R14 wheels? No, tire sizes are designed for specific rim diameters. Using an incorrect size is unsafe.
  • What rims and tires should I choose to have a quieter ride? Tire tread pattern plays a huge role in noise. Look for tires designed with noise reduction in mind. We can recommend quieter options.
  • What is R13 in alloy wheels (R13 wheel)? R13 refers to a wheel with a 13-inch diameter.
  • Can I replace 14-inch wheels with 15 inches? Possibly! Check your vehicle's brake clearance and overall tire diameter to maintain speedometer accuracy and safe handling. We'll help you assess compatibility.
  • Which is better: an alloy wheel or a normal wheel? "Normal" usually refers to steel wheels. Alloys offer weight savings, potential performance benefits, and wider style choices, but steel wheels can be more durable for severe off-roading.
  • What's the difference between 18 and 17-inch wheels? Mainly the diameter. 18-inch wheels offer a more aggressive look and often allow for larger brakes, but have a thinner tire sidewall, potentially reducing off-road comfort.
  • How do you know when you need to replace your tire rims? Rims should be replaced if they're bent, cracked, have severe corrosion, or show signs of structural damage affecting tire fitment.
  • Can I put a 14-inch tire on a 15-inch rim? No, tires are designed only for rims of their corresponding diameter.
  • Can we change a 17-inch tyre of EcoSport with a 16-inch tyre? This depends on if a 16-inch wheel clears your EcoSport's brakes, and whether you choose a compatible overall tire diameter. Consult us for guidance!
  • How does wheel size affect a car's fuel economy? Larger, heavier wheels often reduce fuel economy slightly due to increased rotational mass. The effect is usually less pronounced on powerful vehicles.
  • Why do tires on alloy wheels lose pressure in cold weather? Air contracts in cold temperatures, causing a drop in tire pressure. This is true for all tires but can be more noticeable on low-profile tires common with alloy wheels.
  • What are the elements used in alloy wheels? Primarily aluminum, but may also contain magnesium or other metals for strength and specific properties.
  • Does it matter which way a tire goes on the rim? Some tires are directional, meaning they must be mounted with a specific side facing outwards for optimal performance. We'll ensure correct installation.
  • What are the pros and cons of bigger wheels in a car? Pros: Sharper handling, space for larger brakes, bolder looks. Cons: Potentially harsher ride, increased cost, may slightly lower fuel economy
  • How long should alloy wheels last? If undamaged, high-quality alloy wheels can last the lifetime of a vehicle. However, they are susceptible to dents and cosmetic damage from potholes or curbs.
  • Can you put 16-inch tires on your car instead of 17-inch tires? This depends on if a 16-inch wheel clears your brakes and if you can find a 16-inch tire with the appropriate overall diameter to maintain handling and speedometer accuracy. Alpha Tyres and Wheels can advise!

There you have it! A comprehensive set of answers to those common tire and wheel questions. Let me know if you'd like to weave in any more specific details about Alpha's services within these answers.

Let me know if you'd like any of these answers to be more detailed or if you want to emphasize certain services offered  Alpha Tyres & Wheels!

Ready to Roll in Style?

Visit Alpha Tyres & Wheels  store in Kilsyth, or explore our online catalog to start imagining the possibilities. Let's create the ultimate wheel and tyre package to elevate the look and performance of your vehicle!

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