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Welcome to Your Trusted Tyre Shop in Kilsyth, Melbourne! we offer a wide array of affordable Tyre and Wheel services to cater to your Tyres and wheels need. Our services include tyre fitting, tyre fix, cheap tyres, used tyres,  wheel alignment checks.


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We are committed to providing excellent customer service and competitive pricing. We are a one-stop-shop for all your tyre and wheel needs.

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About Us

About Alpha Tyres and Wheels In Kilsyth

We’re Alpha Tyres and Wheels, your go-to tyre experts in Kilsyth and the surrounding Melbourne area. Our mission is simple: to provide exceptional tyre solutions, expert advice, and outstanding service that keeps your vehicle running smoothly and safely.

With years of experience in the industry, we believe in:

  • Customer-centric approach: Your needs are our priority. We listen, we advise, and we work with you to find the best tyre and wheel solutions for your car and lifestyle.
  • Quality products: We stock a wide range of top-tier tyre brands to ensure you get the performance, durability, and value you deserve.
  • Comprehensive services: We’re not just about tyre sales. We offer fitting, puncture repairs, wheel alignments, suspension work, and more to keep your vehicle in top shape.
  • Local expertise: As a Kilsyth-based business, we understand the unique driving conditions in our area and tailor our recommendations accordingly.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Our mission at Alpha Tyres and Wheels is to help you find the perfect tyres and wheels for your vehicle. Whether you’re in Kilsyth or elsewhere in Melbourne, our knowledgeable experts will guide you through selecting tyres that align with your preferences and driving needs. Whether you seek durability, performance, or style, we offer an extensive range of top-quality brands and sizes to suit your specific requirements and budget. If you need a reliable tyre shop near me Kilsyth, look no further!

Alpha tyres and wheels - tyres
Alpha tyres and wheels alignment services- used and new tyres and wheels
Quality Tyres for Every Journey -Alpha tyres and wheels shop in kilsyth
An impressive lineup of new and used wheels available at Alpha Tyres and Wheels in Kilsyth, shining under the showroom lights.

State-of-the-Art Equipment for Optimal Vehicle Performance

Alpha Tyres and Wheels sets itself apart with our investment in state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing precision in every service. From cutting-edge wheel alignment systems to advanced tire fitting machines, we use the latest technology for top-notch vehicle care.

Expert Wheel and Alignment Services: Our technicians are experts in wheel-related services, utilizing the best equipment for seamless tire fitting. Whether you need upgrades or replacements, we handle it with efficiency. Proper wheel balancing and alignment are our specialty – we use advanced computerized systems to guarantee a smooth ride, extended tire life, and optimal vehicle safety.

Personalized Service for Your Vehicle: We understand that vehicle care isn’t one-size-fits-all. We provide tailored service to match your specific needs. Compact car, SUV, or luxury vehicle – our team expertly handles all types and brands with care.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We combine competitive pricing with transparent policies for the best value. Our friendly staff is always here to answer questions and provide expert advice on vehicle maintenance.

Changes Made:

  • Headline Shift: Emphasizes vehicle performance instead of just tires.
  • Reduced Tire Detail: Less focus on the fitting process itself.
  • Service Emphasis: Highlights alignment, balancing, and the technology used.
  • Customer-Centric: Stresses personalized solutions and overall satisfaction.

New & used Tyres and wheels

we understand that buying new tyres for your vehicle can be a significant expense.

Wheel alignment

Proper wheel alignment is essential for the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle.

Wheel balancing

Proper wheel balancing is essential for the smooth, safe operation of your vehicle. When your wheels are balanced correctly, they will rotate evenly, with minimal vibration or wobbling.

Change new & used tyres and wheels

We take pride in offering quality products at competitive prices along with excellent customer service.

Tyre Fitting and Tyre Wear

Alpha Tyres & Wheels specializes in expert tyre fitting for all vehicle types, including 4-wheel drive. Our skilled technicians ensure perfect mounting and balancing, promoting even tyre wear and increasing tyre performance and lifespan.

Align Front Wheels and fix Pulling

We align front wheels for optimal handling, safety, and driving experience. If your vehicle is pulling to one side, let our expert team check and adjust your alignment.

Outward Tilt and Suspension Services

We fix outward tilt in wheels to improve safety, stability, and tyre wear, and offer repair, servicing, and suspension solutions designed to provide a smooth ride. Trust us to optimize your vehicle's suspension and restore alignment.

Puncture Repair and Wheel Balance

Need puncture repair or wheel balancing? We provide both to get you back on the road safely with evenly balanced wheels for better handling and fuel efficiency.

Expert Wheel Care for Safety and Performance:

When it comes to wheel-related maintenance, our skilled technicians follow a meticulous process to keep your vehicle safe and performing its best. They’ll carefully inspect your current setup, recommending replacements only if safety or performance are compromised. We offer a range of quality tire options to suit your needs and budget. Once your selection is made, our experts will mount and balance your new tires, ensuring optimal wheel performance.

Precision Wheel Alignment Services:

Proper wheel alignment is crucial for safe driving and extending the life of your tires. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows technicians to fine-tune your wheel angles for a smoother ride and improved fuel efficiency. We’ll precisely adjust the camber, caster, and toe angles, ensuring perfect alignment with your vehicle’s specifications.

Suspension Services for Optimal Comfort and Handling:

A well-functioning suspension system is key to a comfortable and stable ride. If you’re experiencing bumps, noises, or handling difficulties, our technicians are here to help. They’ll thoroughly inspect your suspension components, pinpointing any worn or damaged parts in need of repair or replacement. Maintaining your suspension system ensures maximum tire contact with the road, improving handling and your overall driving experience.

Changes Made:

  • Broader focus: Emphasizes wheel care beyond just tire replacement.
  • “Replacement” vs “new tires”: Less emphasis on the newness of tires.
  • Removed used tire mention: No longer highlights used tire availability.
  • Enhanced Service Emphasis Focuses on alignment and suspension for vehicle performance
How to Choose the Right Tyres for Your Vehicles in Kilsyth
A diverse collection of new and used tyres and wheels at Alpha Tyres and Wheels showroom in Kilsyth, Australia.

Tyres Packages

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Get All Your Car Needs In Our Store

Alpha Tyres and Wheels assists you in finding the perfect tyres and wheels for your vehicle. Our knowledgeable team of experts can guide you in selecting the ideal tyres based on your preferences, be it durability, performance, or style. With a vast selection of top-quality brands and various sizes, we cater to your specific needs and budget.

What sets us apart?

  • Expert advice: Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect tyres for your car, driving style, and budget.
  • Comprehensive services: From new tyre sales and fitting to puncture repairs, wheel alignments, and suspension work, we’ve got everything covered.
  • Quality you can trust: We partner with the best brands in the industry, ensuring you get durable, reliable tyres that deliver optimal performance.
  • Convenience: Need a “tyre shop near me Kilsyth”? Look no further! We’re located right in your neighborhood, ready to serve you.
Alpha tyres and wheels alignment services- used and new tyres and wheels

Choosing New or Used Tyres and Wheels:

Deciding whether to purchase  tyre and wheels depends on your specific needs and budget:

  • New Tyre and Wheels: Opting for new tyres and wheels ensures you get the latest technology and the longest lifespan. New tyres provide excellent traction, handling, and safety. If you want the peace of mind that comes with new, top-quality products, this is the choice for you. New wheels can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

  • Used Tyres and Wheels: Used tyres and wheels are a budget-friendly option. They can be a practical choice for those looking to save money without compromising safety. Our tyre selection includes carefully inspected and reconditioned options to ensure they meet safety and performance standards. Used wheels can also be an economical choice, especially if you’re seeking specific designs or sizes.

 the choice between new and used tyres and wheels ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and specific requirements. Our experienced team is here to assist you in making the right decision and ensuring your vehicle is equipped with the best options for your needs.

How to Find the Right Wheels & Services at Alpha Tyres?

  1. Know Your Vehicle’s Needs: Start by checking the specifications of your current wheels – size, speed rating, and load capacity. You’ll often find this information in your owner’s manual or on a sticker inside the driver’s door.

  2. Consider Your Options: We offer a range of quality wheel solutions to fit your vehicle and budget. For optimal performance, it’s recommended to install wheels in pairs to maintain balance. Enjoy the convenience of free mobile fitting when ordering two or more wheels at once.

  3. Manufacturer Recommendations: Car manufacturers often suggest specific wheel types for their vehicles. Premium and high-performance brands frequently partner to provide these options. Choosing different wheels could potentially affect your car’s warranty, so it’s best to verify before making your final decision.

  4. Balancing Performance & Price: Wheel costs vary based on quality. Premium options offer top-tier performance, while mid-range choices provide good value and reliability.

Let Alpha Tyres Help: Our team is here to guide you through the selection process. Contact us for expert advice and personalized recommendations!

Changes Made:

  • Focus on Solutions: Emphasizes finding the right wheels, not just tires in isolation.
  • Reduced “Tyre” Repetition: Used other terms like “wheels” and mentions them less frequently.
  • Action-Oriented: Encourages customer interaction with Alpha Tyres for guidance.
Get new or used tyres and wheels from alpha tyres and wheels in Melbourne
Alpha tyres and wheels
Car wheel clamp with wheel align device for wheel alignment Understanding Wheel Alignment: Your Comprehensive Guide
Car on a computerized wheel alignment machine with technicians making adjustments Alpha tyres and wheels tyre shop
High Technology

Optimize Your Vehicle's Performance: Shop for All Your Tire & Wheel Needs

Maximize your car’s safety, handling, and fuel efficiency with our expert tire and wheel services. We offer:

  • Precision Wheel Alignment: Keep your vehicle driving straight and true with regular alignment checks. We’ll correct any misalignment that causes uneven tire wear, pulling, or instability.
  • Professional Tire Fitting: Whether you’re upgrading to performance tires or replacing worn ones, our technicians ensure flawless tire installation and balancing for a smooth, vibration-free ride.
  • Essential Tire Maintenance: We’ll help you monitor tire pressure, tread depth, and overall tire health – key factors in preventing breakdowns and ensuring optimal performance.

Visit our store for the best selection of tires, expert advice, and the services you need to keep your vehicle rolling safely and smoothly.


  • Stronger Headline: Highlights the range of services for tire and wheel care.
  • Keyword Rich: Uses terms like “tire fitting”, “tire pressure”, “tread depth”.
  • Benefits Focused: Emphasizes safety, handling, fuel efficiency as outcomes of the services

We have the largest selection of tyres in Australia

Our trained and skilled technicians can fix any problem with your tyres or wheels.

We provide great customer service and answer questions.

Our prices are competitive and we offer a range of financing options

Quality Service
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Our Client Reviews

Some of our customers are happy with us and here are Some of their reviews of Alpha Tyres and Wheels on google and Facebook page.

Alpha Tyres & Wheels has exceeded my expectations when it comes to Tyre shops. I bought a few used Tyres and they were nearly brand new. i highly recommended Alpha Tyres & Wheels for all your tyre needs

    Sajad Rahimi

    Excellent customer service and best price in the area. I highly recommend.

      Luke Parker

      I have changed my 4 tyres Navara 2007 with 4 black steel wheel very good price in this area .nice work and good customer service 👍

        Zahidi Bakhshi

        Best price and service! .. Very Happy with the friendly staff! Thanks a lot.

          Tahira Abbas

          Their Customer Service was excellent. The guy who booked me the appointment was extremely friendly and nice. Their service was on time and no unnecessary expenses. Service was very quick, efficient and professional. Amazing experience.

            salem bahmanzadah

            nice staff , very helpful, fair pricing. I'm satisfied with the work.


              Highly recommend Excellent service. Great time management. Very approachable, & professional. Great Tyres & wheels. Thank you for everything. Will definitely come back. Well done Team.


                Good service Good Value And free bottled water - very generous!!

                  Robert Watt

                  I just had a tyre repair completed, Marty the owner is a fantastic, informative and kind person. I highly recommend this small business.

                    Pete Slattery

                    Good boss, good staff, good service and easy going boss! Highly recommended !

                      William Will

                      Highly recommend Excellent service. Great time management. Very approachable, & professional. Thank you for everything. Will definitely come back. Well done Team.


                        Needed a small wheel repair on a Sunday morning. Super friendly staff that fixed it quickly, whilst not charging me since it was a small job. Could not recommend this business highly enough.

                          Jononian 34

                          After having to punchers in one day. These guys saved my day. Had good secondhand tyre ( same brand and size) in stock. Great price too. Would definitely recommend.

                            Chris Fife

                            Just the best! Highly recommend!!! Fantastic friendly service, and so helpful. Open weeknights till 7pm and on Sundays! My tire punctured miles snd miles from home at 5pm, and these guys amazingly had it in stock. An super fast too, while we waited. Cannot thank you enough Alpha!

                              Jacquie C

                              Local Guide

                              Great prices, excellent service and extremely nice to deal with. I had a puncture repaired on a Sunday while I waited and they also fixed my pothole damaged rim. They are open late on weeknights if you need something taken care of after work and on weekends. Let the team at Alpha Tyres & Wheels take care of your car and you won't be disappointed.

                                Ben Johnson

                                After having to punchers in one day. These guys saved my day. Had good secondhand tyre ( same brand and size) in stock. Great price too. Would definitely recommend.

                                  Chris Fife

                                  Only tyre place in the area open on a Sunday.Great service with a smile.Highly recommend.

                                    DrumgunnerS go peo peo

                                    Friendly and accomodating staff. Had two tyres fixed. No appointments, prompt service. Highly recommended

                                      Sarab Hansra

                                      Definitely recommend the boys down at Alpha Tyres & Wheels great prices great customer service and outstanding work !!

                                        Jesse Jamo

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